Pack 962

Pack 962 serves boys and girls, K-5, in Lovettsville, VA, Waterford, VA, Brunswick, MD, and surrounding areas. We invite you to take a look around our site, and come out to meeting! Not your area? Find a unit near you

We want you in Cub Scouts!

Cub Scouting

Cub Scouting is a unique family program that grows with your child. It helps young children change from dependents into young leaders. By getting children into the outdoors, nurturing them in a developmentally appropriate way, and providing them with a safe space to explore their community and themselves, they blossom into youth ready to become leaders in their families and their communities.

Unlike many youth programs, where parents sit on the sidelines, Cub Scouting is a an activity you do with your child. Parents are leaders, parents are on the committee, parents come on campouts, and hikes. Quality time with your child is hard to come by these days, get some with us in Scouting!

For more about Cub Scouting

Have a look around our site, and come and visit a meeting. The only way to know if Cub Scouting is right for you is to experience it! Give us a call/text at 540-822-0645, or send us an email at

Would you like to support the Pack? Please consider buying some popcorn, or donating some to the military via this link!

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What grade is your child in, or going into?

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade+ Summer Camp

We serve boys and girls, K-5, in a year-round program. It is never the wrong time to join! We are active in Scouting even during COVID.

Scouting for Food is one of our community service projects. The thousands of pounds of food we collect in November stays here in Lovettsville, and usually supplies the food bank until spring!

What do Cub Scouts do?

We hike, we camp, we even build cars! First, Cub Scouting is about fun. Water Rockets, hikes, campfires, s'mores, summer camp- the fun never stops in Scouts! We are "fun with a purpose." Scouts learn about their families, safety, leadership, their community and their world through "Adventures" and advancement, service projects, exploring the outdoors, and feeling connected to a movement greater than themselves.