If you are new, some money will be collected for National BSA through the online portal, as well as a $25 "New Scout" fee that pays for getting you set up in the system. This is prorated by the month, until the end of the calendar year. The Pack collects $120 every year in September. Please be sure to use your best email address, as the information sets you up in the electronic system, ScoutBook.

Trouble with the online portal? Let me know!

Fundraising pays for most of the Cub Scout programming. It is the best value in youth activities. If the dues or the uniform presents a financial hardship, please reach out. Scout-ships and uniforms are available.

Health Forms

We love adventures in Scouting! That means we need health forms to let us know what our limitations are, and how to contact you if necessary.

Please fill out and return the following health forms: COVID Waiver and the BSA health forms part A & B with a copy of your insurance card. You will also need to fill out permission slips for some of our adventures.

You'll find them at the bottom of this page.

Uniforms are an important method in Scouting. They give the Scouts a clear way to identify who is also a Scout, a place to put all of their awards and advancements, and they minimize distractions at meetings.

To get a new Scout uniformed for the first time will cost around $90. Uniforms can be purchased at the Leesburg Hobby Shop, as well as the NCAC Scout Stores in Bethesda, Springfield, and Haymarket, or online at Scoutshop.org.

You will also need to order an activity shirt aka a "Class B" which you can do through our payments page.

We also have a "uniform closet" if the purchase is a financial strain.

Information about what you need to purchase can be found in the Brochure for your grade below, or on the Uniforms Page.

Download a Brochure

What grade is your child in, or going into?

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade+ Summer Camp

Transferring from another Pack?

Log into your My.Scouting.org account. Select "My Application" from the menu on the upper left corner of the screen. There you will see something that looks like the image on the left. Click the button that says "Transfer" and Unit type "Pack" and number 0962. That should send your information to our Pack's ScoutBook in about 24-48 hours! Be sure and get in touch so we can introduce you to your den leader.

Rocket into the Pack with the Quick Start Guide! Download it now!

The Pack's most detailed guide. Want to print it out? Choose double sided, flip on the short side.

Do you have questions about the Pack's outdoor program? Looking for some more details on camping equipment? Try this!

Bring it to the Pack meeting! Know all the words to the songs we sing in the Pack. Print double sided, flip on the short side.