Event Sampler

For the safety of the Scouts, we don't publish dates of some types of events on our public website. If you are interested in coming to an event to see what we are all about, please get in touch! We would love to have you join us on an adventure.

Cub Scouting is a family program- parents and siblings are always welcome to attend (additional fees may apply)

We do a lot of stuff! Members have access to Scoutbook which sends them reminders and allows them to subscribe to our calendar electronically. Pack 962 often participates in events with our council, National Capital Area, and our District, Goose Creek.

This symbol means these activities were paid for or subsidized by fundraising

This symbol means the activity or facility was paid for or subsidized by Friends of Scouting

All of our leadership is trained, but this symbol means we relied on someone with extra training to make this possible

This symbol is for Scouting opportunities that you can sign yourself up for, the Pack isn't going as a unit.

Water Bottle Rockets

September 18, 2021

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a water rocket! It's about the most fun you can have with a 2 liter soda bottle. See them soar higher than you thought possible!

This is one of our main Fall recruiting events, so please feel free to stop on by, and if you're a Scout, bring a friend! On The Lovettsville Town Green.

August 1st (first Saturday in August)

Get outside and build a campfire with your family! Eat some S'mores, cook out with foil packets, food on a stick, or use a Dutch oven for even for campfire fun!

July DIY Hike

Washington Monument State Park

August DIY Hike

Catoctin Creek Nature Center

October 5th

Pinewood Derby

In February, 2021 saw Pack 962's very first streaming Derby! We watched on You Tube as our cars raced down the track, while chatting together on Zoom!

8:30pm we turned out all the lights for an hour and slowed down. No electronics, no electricity. Give the Earth a break.

May 1st, an annual worldwide Scouting Service project to pick up trash. Join us! You can pick up trash, too!

District Pinewood Derby

March- More Pinewood Derby fun! See the fastest cars in the District zoom down the track! Those cars are flying!

Fishing Day

May 22nd. What's a summer without some fishing?

June 28-July 2, 2021

So much fun! The kids love it, and day/twilight camp is a fantastic introduction to camp, and Cub Camp activities for Tigers and Wolves, but fun for all ages!

This quick resident weekend is a bridge from day camp to overnight camp. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce Cubs to staying away from home overnight, before Webelos week!

Fall Campout

Two awesome nights under the tent!

Oktoberfest Trash Collection

Last Saturday in September- The Pack picks up trash for Oktoberfest as a community service project and fundraiser.

October Hike

July 17th- Ride the Train! Fun for the whole family!

Interested in joining Cub Scouts? Get in touch and find out how to join us!

Cub Scouts on the High Seas

Ahoy, me mate-y! Can ye talk like a pirate? Aye, the Cub Scouts made compasses, boats, and even escaped with the pirate treasure! A Zoom adventure.

We are taking a break from Zoom this April, and are going outside to see stars and wildlife, spend time with family, and do service for the community!

April Hike

Rust Nature Sanctuary

Stuffed Animal Campout

Stuffy's love camping, too! Join us for this recruiting event, you don't have to be a Scout to participate!

May DIY Hike

Chapman DeMary Trial

June 28-July 2, 2021

A week of resident camp just for Webelos and Arrow of Lights! A great stepping stone to prepare for the high adventure of Scouts BSA!

August 1. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Join us for a worldwide day of celebrating Scouting. Wear your neckerchief with pride! Learn more about the history and uses of a neckerchief.

Baltimore Aquarium

Aug 28- Baltimore Aquarium trip! Up close and personal with the sea life!

September 7th

Covid restrictions permitting, we will resume our monthly Pack meetings on September 7th!

September Hike

Aug 7-8- Sleepover in the museum! How cool is that? Just for Pack 962! 5:30pm-8:30am. We get Pizza, Breakfast, a Patch program, and the museum all to ourselves! How cool is that???

All About Germs- Pack Meeting

Germs, germs, and more germs! Cubs learned about how germs spread, and how to keep safe from them during our very popular Zoom Pack meeting in March!

UnPack the Pounds

Pack 962 Fitness Challenge

Join us for 8 weeks of movement and Saturday afternoons walking around town! All the details are at our event site unpackthepounds.com

May Spring Campout

We are camping at Lake Fairfax Park! Join today and come with us!

April 23-25, 2021

May 21-23, 2021

Get Cub Camp activities with your family! You don't need to wait for the Pack to go outside to enjoy a Cub Camp experience at beautiful Camp Snyder!

June DIY Hike

Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park

3rd of July Parade

The town hasn't decided if they are doing it, because of Covid, but if they do, we will be leading it!

Lovettsville School Cleanup

Aug 21st- Service Project! Beautify the Elementary School just in time for School to start!

Scouting for Food

The first two Saturdays in November, we deliver reminders on the fist Saturday, and then pick up food on the second. The food we collect stays in the community, and regularly keeps the food bank stocked until March! Community service is a major part of Scouting, and this is our biggest project of the year!

Scouting Celebration

February, a celebration of Scouting!

Water Day

July 24th- Haha! it will be more water play, and less water bottle, but fun no matter what!

January Pack Hike

Off to Harper's Ferry we went, to hike down the C&O canal trail to see some caves!

March Hike

Our Pack Hike takes us to Algonquin Park in Sterling to see vernal pools. Frog eggs and tadpoles galore!

May 8th, Join Scouts worldwide and hit the trail! We'll be out there!

Rank Advancement

June 5th- on the Lovettsville Town Green! Join us in a celebration of Scouting!

Flag Retirement

June 14th- on the Squrkle. Join us for a community service project where we retire flags with dignity and respect!